The CHPS program involves a series of implementation activities that change primary health care services from a sub-district clinic-based operation to a comprehensive community-based program in each work zone.

Planning for the CHPS programme includes community dialogue about needs, manpower planning, situation analysis, worker catchment area mapping (zone preparation).


Community Entry
A key milestone is comprised of liaison with chiefs and leaders, an
initial community durbar to introduce the CHPS program, Community Health Committee selection and training.


Community Health Compounds (CHC)
CHC are community constructed dwelling units where nurses live and provide primary health care. A milestone is comprised of CHC construction planning and community outreach, District Assembly liaison, site selection, resource mobilization, supply and equipment procurement, volunteer construction planning, construction. To view the percentage of the population in each district covered by CHC click


Community Health Officer (CHO)
Community Health Nurses are retrained in health service technology and are oriented to community diplomacy and doorstep service delivery. Once this process is completed, a Community Health Nurse is redesignated as a CHO. A CHPS milestone concerns the selection, training, community introduction, and deploymentof CHO. To view the percentage of the population in each district covered by CHO click


Essential equipment
CHPS has an “active outreach” design. All compounds in service areas are visited regularly for health and family planning service delivery. A milestone consists of procurement of essential equipment for CHC functioning, motorbike procurement (if relevant), bicycle procurement for this doorstep health service programme.


Volunteers support the Community Health Officer’s work. Duties of volunteers include CHC security and maintenance, community education, health promotion, environmental sanitation, immunization assistance and health record keeping.

Volunteers video
Volunteer mobilzation video

Component details
Milestones are disaggregated into detailed steps in the CHPS implementation process.

About Ghana CHPS

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has launched a programme for transforming clinic- based primary health care and reproductive health services to community-based health services. Known as the Community-based Health Planning and Service (CHPS) Initiative, the programme promotes the idea that communities can be active participants in the provision of their own healthcare.